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As a niche Housing firm ,Howarth Goodman have been providing high quality legal services to the Social Housing sector for four decades and have represented over 100 Housing Associations and other not for profit organisations. Today we are recognised by the Legal 500 as a leading firm in social housing.
We understand the current financial challenges facing clients today. That is why we offer an exceptionally competitive pricing structure which reduces your overall legal spend. But being competitive on price does not mean we are prepared to compromise on quality.
By operating as an efficient business we keep our overheads low. For example, we would rather improve our working relationship by travelling to see you than add the cost of shiny new offices on your bill. Our boutique firm size means we are able to communicate with each client effectively and without the need for excessive "red tape" that many larger firms have. It also enables us to be flexible in how we provide our service to you; we work around your systems and cultures; you don't need to work around us.
We ensure the quality of the service we provide to you by only using experienced and knowledgeable solicitors who are experts in the Social Housing sector. Unlike many larger firms with higher overheads, you can be sure that the person having total conduct of your file will not be an unqualified paralegal or trainee. We also have various quality assurance and control systems in place to ensure that we do not have to compromise on quality.

Our team experience includes:

  • Setting up the first social housing PFI scheme with South Yorkshire Housing & North East Derbyshire Council.
  • Setting up of Bolton Community Homes, a Special Purpose Vehicle involving over a dozen Housing Associations in which free land was transferred in exchange for 100% nomination rights.
  • Setting up Stockport Partnerships, a joint venture between Stockport Council & six Housing Associations.
  • Acting on behalf of Contour Homes on the first ever securitisation involving Nomura Bank.
  • Leading the way on a number of cases brought in conjunction with the police tackling persistent nuisance and anti-social behaviour perpetrated by multiple Defendants i.e. gang related issues.
  • Acting for Manchester City Council on cases to tackle anti-social behaviour at a time when the Council was particularly active in this area (for e.g. Howarth Goodman pioneered the concept of banning "hoodies" as a part of a five year ASBO in case MCC vs. Dale Elms a.k.a Carroll)
  • Setting up bespoke precedent commercial leases for Registered Providers to enable them to manage their commercial premises better.
  • Conducting the key case of Eastlands Homes vs. Whyte a reported case which developed the law around the starter tenancy regime. The case explored various crucial issues including the impact of human rights on the regime, examining the requirements of the internal appeals process following services of s.21 notice as well as looking further at the issues of Housing Associations as public bodies. As a result of this case, clear guidance was given by the High Court on the importance of Housing Associations' internal policies and procedures.
  • Conducting the leading case of Helena Housing Ltd vs. Curtis conjoined with the case of Knowsley Housing Trust vs. Revell both of which were heard in the Court of Appeal. The cases explored and established the law on the crucial issue of dispensing with service of section 8 notices and when this may be or not be appropriate.
  • Working closely with numerous Registered Providers to help them defend disrepair cases brought by tenants. We have worked with clients to strengthen the systems they operate for dealing with disrepair issues so that future claims can be defended more robustly. We have also helped our clients to develop the way evidence is analysed and presented, resulting in a string of excellent outcomes for our clients at trial.
For knowledgeable solicitors who are experts in the Social Housing sector throughout Manchester, call Howarth Goodman on 0161 832 5068
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